Climbing mountains with the Lord...

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This weekend's gospel is about mountain climbing and what happens when you make it to the top - and what happens on the way back down.  (And there's a mountain in the day's first scripture, too!)

For a sneak preview of this Sunday's scriptures, take a look at this earlier post.

There's no better way to prepare for Sunday worship than to spend some time with the Word you'll hear proclaimed and preached in the liturgy.

Here's a video of Sufjan Stevens' song, Transfiguration, with visuals supplied by a variety of artists.

When he took the three disciples
to the mountainside to pray,
his countenance was modified, his clothing was aflame.
Two men appeared: Moses and Elijah came;
they were at his side.
The prophecy, the legislation spoke of whenever he would die.

Then there came a word
of what he should accomplish on the day.
Then Peter spoke, to make of them a tabernacle place.
A cloud appeared in glory as an accolade.
They fell on the ground.
A voice arrived, the voice of God,
the face of God, covered in a cloud.

What he said to them,
the voice of God: the most beloved son.
Consider what he says to you, consider what's to come.
The prophecy was put to death,
was put to death, and so will the Son.
And keep your word, disguise the vision till the time has come.

Lost in the cloud, a voice: Have no fear! We draw near!
Lost in the cloud, a sign: Son of man! Turn your ear!
Lost in the cloud, a voice: Lamb of God! We draw near!
Lost in the cloud, a sign: Son of man! Son of God!
- Sufjan Stevens


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1 comment:

  1. I went mountain climbing once-
    actually, it was rock climbing- on a very big, very steep rock...

    I cried pretty much the whole way up-
    I remember at one point, about 3/4 of the way to the top- maybe even more- I froze. I couldn't see any possible way I could continue up- there wasn't anywhere to grab, nowhere to put my hands-
    my instructor at the bottom called up to me: "quitting is not an option"
    I cried more and harder and then I just took my hand off of the rock and, not knowing where I would put it, just somehow found a place-
    I wasn't "grabbing" onto anything-
    rock climbing is really amazing and, I believe, a sport of faith. You just "go" without really knowing, without having any idea how you will stay on the rock and how you will get to the top.
    I did get to the top.
    And I got back down too.

    I think I needed to stop thinking so much. Or over-thinking.
    I think something took over me and I just did it like on automatic.

    I wish it could be that way in all of life-

    but, it's not...


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