À chacun son goût

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I made it through the weekend without any jelly beans or chocolate bunnies -not even a single Peep- passing my lips.

But today I couldn't pass up a good cup of coffee and an asiago cheese bagel at Panera!  I arrived a little late in the day for bagels and got the last asiago cheese in the display case. (Praise God from whom even the smallest blessings flow!) 

As I always do when ordering a bagel, I asked that it be toasted twice (on the dark and crunchy side) and served with butter.

If you ask me, a Panera bagel beats a Cadbury bunny any day - especially at Easter!


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  1. Looks good enough to eat !!

  2. Sorry: it's all gone and it was the last one!

  3. That looks delicious. Mmm mmm good!

    I had given up all sweets for Lent (not that I eat many to begin with.) However, vanilla bean ice cream is a favorite of mine and Easter Sunday I treated myself to a big bowl of it!


  4. This looks delicious and looking at it makes me hungry.
    I would have tomato and cheese on mine and maybe a slice of onion.



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