Front page news: Quinceañera!

Photo: John Walker, The Concord Journal

I posted recently on the Quinceañera celebration in my parish.  This wonderful event made front page news in the local paper, The Concord Journal and you can read the article here.  Cady and Juliana, our young quinceañeras, are pictured above.  In the photo below you see the "changing of shoes" but you'll need to click the link to the article to learn more about that!

Photo: John Walker, The Concord Journal


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  1. I attended the beautiful Mass at which Cady and Juliana celebrated their quincenaras and was delighted to see the coverage of this occasion in The Concord Journal. These young women and their families and friends will always cherish the memories of this very special day.


  2. Both beautiful and stunning! Happy Quinceanera to both of you.


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