Two litanies for the First Friday of May

On the first Friday of each month, you'll find here a Litany of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  Because this is the first Friday of May, a month in which we honor Mary, the Mother of Jesus, I'm also including, below the Litany of the Sacred Heart, a Litany of the Blessed Virgin.  Catholic Christians honor both the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, as the two images in this post show. 

Litany of the Sacred Heart

Image: Smith Catholic Art

Heart of Jesus, hear our prayer!

So loving
So humble
So gentle
So compassionate
So faithful
So wise
So patient
So steadfast
So tender
So spacious

Heart of Jesus, hear our prayer!

God’s joy
God’s shalom
Harp of the Trinity
Wingbeat of the Spirit
Breath of God
Five-petaled rose

Heart of Jesus, hear our prayer!

Womb of justice
Birthplace of peace
Our dearest hope
Longing of our lives

Heart of Jesus, hear our prayer!

Freely flowing fountain
Spring of grace
Freshet of forgiveness
Merciful river
Mystical dew

Heart of Jesus, hear our prayer!

Warmth of our hearts
Transforming fire
Cosmic furnace
Enflamer of hearts

Heart of Jesus, hear our prayer!

Heart of evolution
Beginning and ending
Center of all

Heart of Jesus, hear our prayer!

Garden of virtues
Mystical dew
Table and food

Heart of Jesus, hear our prayer!

Our refuge
Our shelter
Our comfort
Our rest
Our welcoming breast

Heart of Jesus, hear our prayer!

Wounded by love
Pierced by our cruelty
Broken by our hardness
Mystic winepress
Poured out as gift

Heart of Jesus, hear our prayer!

Have mercy, gracious heart,
Give us gratefulness
Teach us tenderness
Let us learn to love.

Hear our prayer!

Let us pray...

Lord of all our hearts,
open wide your Heart of mercy
and refresh us with the peace that flows
from the font of your love.
Gracious Lord,
hear and answer our prayer.

A Marianist Litany to the Blessed Mother

Image: Smith Catholic Art

God chose you as the mother of his Son 
and called all nations and generations 
to bless the gift of grace he gave you. 
In the company of those who have gone before us, 
with people of all races and languages, 
we call upon you in prayer. 

Holy Mary,
   pray for us...
Mother of God,
Mother of our redemption,
Mother of a lost child,
Mother of comfort and understanding,
Mother who shares our joys,
Mother who endures our sorrows,
Mother whose heart was pierced by a sword,
Mother most merciful,

Woman responsive to God's word,
   pray for us...
Woman willing to believe the impossible,
Woman who rejoices in her lowliness,
Woman with an undivided heart,
Woman of perfect freedom,
Woman wrapped in mystery,
Woman moved by the Spirit,
Woman champion of the poor and lowly,
Woman graced by a husband's love,
Woman widowed by a husband's death,
Woman at the cross,
Woman patient and waiting,
Woman clothed with the sun,

Queen of the fullness of times,
   pray for us...
Queen of beauty unalloyed,
Queen of integrity,
Queen of painful meetings,
Queen of all our heart's treasure,
Queen of our destiny,
Queen of peace,

Let us pray...
Mary, you are mother and virgin, wife and widow,
peasant and queen, blessed for all time.
We need the comfort of your prayers.
Remember us always to our Father
through your Son, Jesus Christ,
who is our Lord for ever and ever.

- Rev. Joseph Lackner, S.M.

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