The view from my window

Photo by CP

Rain yesterday and, they say, today, tomorrow and Friday!  So here's a sunny photo from Monday morning, just outside my porch door.  Anything beautiful outside your windows?


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  1. God sure is good at coloring.

  2. beautiful?


    I keep looking, for something different, really extraordinary-

    but, maybe the "ordinary" IS actually extraordinary and special- ?

    I just wish I could see it.

    I am going to keep looking-
    and praying-
    to see something beautiful-
    for the gray and dullness to clear away...

    (and thank you, anonymous, your comment put a little smile on my face- I have always liked to color and I work with young children so I can still "get away with it"- but wait, should I be embarrassed by this? coloring is a good stress reliever, at least for a little while)

    ...and I'm sure God has infinitely more colors than Crayola.

  3. ...and, I just wanted to add-
    I am a Crayola fan-
    every time they come out with something new, I have to have it-
    (well, at least some things-
    I don't get everything... )

  4. each morning i look out the door and think whatever i see is beautiful.rain and dew bless the lord.bettycopit

  5. A window is not just an opening that functions to admit light or air, it is also an opening that allows us to see and appreciate stunning objects, beautiful views, and wonderful people. Like you, I also love sitting beside my window especially in the morning when I can hear the chirping of the birds, and see the beautiful sunrise. It is also a perfect spot where I can drink my coffee. It’s a good way to start a perfect day!


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