Word for the weekend: PENTECOST, May 27

By CoolChaser.com (Click for a larger version!)

It's time to prepare for Pentecost Sunday!

There are a number of options in the lectionary: for the vigil of Pentecost and for Pentecost day. All of those texts can be found here.  The SLU commentary focuses largely on the readings for Pentecost day as do the Sadlier notes for helping children prepare to hear the Word.

I can't predict which texts will be proclaimed in your parish - but you could make a phone call and ask.  Or you might just take the time to read through all the texts, asking yourself, "Which readings would I choose - and why?"

My favorites for this weekend?  From the vigil readings: Ezekiel 37:1-14 and Romans 8:22-27; and from the Mass on Pentecost day: John 20:19-23.


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  1. Austin, your title should read.... Pentecost, May 27, not May 7.


  2. Thanks, Rosemary! I'm surprised my sister didn't catch that much earlier in the day - she's my best typo-catcher!


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