Sometimes, the Lord expects a lot!

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And if the prospect of ceaseless prayer is too daunting... think about starting with 10 minutes a day -- it's a good beginning!

A daily feature of this page is Praying 10 Minutes Today.  This series grew out of similar daily posts for Lent 2012.

Yesterday, I added a new feature to the regular format.

Each post includes and invitation to set apart 10 minutes in a quiet place to be with the Lord in prayer.  Then you'll find a Word to reflect on followed by a reflection on that scripture.

The new feature is found after the day's reflection and is titled:
To ponder and pray over...  
This consists of several questions designed to help the reader continue to reflect on and pray with the day's word.  

One of the questions each day will be this:  
From this prayer time, what word or phrase 
will I keep with me 
to carry through the rest of my day?   

This comes from the series' daily plan for prayer which you can find here.
I'd be pleased to hear your response to the series and the new feature and to respond to questions you might have about it.


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  1. I clicked and was told that the blog was no longer available---

  2. Thanks for the heads-up! The link is now fixed.

  3. this may be a bit "off track", but I think it still is related to this- maybe...

    I just wanted to share about sounds in my day...
    sounds that distract-
    sounds that bring me back-
    sounds that change the feeling and mood of those around me-

    I work with infants and at different times of the day it gets kind of, well, loud-

    one time is after lunch and before naptime-
    this is when I go to the dimmer light switch and say out loud that I am going to turn down the lights, just a little bit, because it is almost time to sleep...

    (I have been the only one who has sort of taken on this task- )
    I do feel that it is important to let the children know what is coming next- in every part of the day- I think it helps everyone to be able to mentally and emotionally prepare-
    as soon as I turn down the lights, everyone gets quieter and calmer-

    (I think this would be a good time to pray- and I do often pray at naptimes, while helping the children go to sleep- sometimes I pray for God to help them relax and feel safe and sleep peacefully... )

    I am not so good at the 10 minutes a day-

    my prayer is pretty unorganized and scattered-
    a minute here, even a few seconds there...

    thank you for these helpful posts-

    maybe someday I will "get it"-


Please THINK before you write
and PRAY before you think!