This Summer Day

In my corner of the vineyard, today is the first in 2012 that feels, indeed, like a summer's day: sunny, blue skies, in the 90's.  I know that my readers south of the equator are having a difference experience, but here in Concord, MA - summer has arrived!

(Here's the text of Mary Oliver's poem, The Summer Day)

Happy summer!

Image by Musical Photo Man


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  1. Nice to hear this one being read out loud and that you are getting some summer to enjoy.
    Weather here in Cornwall has turned wet and windy today with more forecast for the next few days. Ugh!!

  2. thank you for this photo-

    in my classroom, we are talking about/discovering- bugs- this month-
    and today, on this hot summer day, we actually did get to take the children outside this morning-
    we went to a grassy park with lots of trees (and, more importantly, for our little children, SHADE)

    we all sat on a big blanket on the grass and I read books- almost 4 (which is amazing for an infant's attention span!)
    the last book was by Eric Carle- 'The Very Quiet Cricket'

    I had heard this story many times before, myself, but THIS time somehow felt like the very first time-
    I REALLY focused on my reading of the story- and the children's reactions and focus-
    and I REALLY, for the first time, understood the story, and its meaning, at least for me, at this time-

    thank you.


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