Monday Morning Offering - 199

Image: George Mendoza

Good morning, good God!

Just want to say thanks this morning, Lord,
for your always being there,
every time I come to pray...

I believe you listen when I pray, Lord:
that your heart hears my heart
even when my heart is silent...

I believe you love the prayer of my "showing up,"
the prayer of every time my heart,
my imagination and attention turn, if only for seconds,
to you, always by my side...

Especially at these times, Lord,
I'm grateful for the ways you catch my glance,
my momentary nod in your direction,
my heart's secret wink to let you know
you're on my mind, I'm glad you're near,
I want you by my side...

It's not the hour, nor the schedule, 
nor my need, much less my idea,
but your Spirit, Lord, who draws me to pray.
Every prayer of mine is at the Spirit's prompting,
stirring, moving, urging me to pray.
There's not a moment of any day or night
when your Spirit isn't nudging me to make some time
and to find a quiet place, to sit with you in prayer... 

Just want to say thanks this morning, Lord,
for your always being there,
every time I come to pray...

I'm grateful, Lord, for how you never tire
of hearing my tales of woe, of wiping away my tears,
of listening again and again
even when I cannot find the words to bring to speech
what I truly want to say and really need to pray... 

I know there's not a thought I have
that comes as news to you.
I know there's not a word I pray
you didn't expect to hear.
I know you hear my wordless prayer
when I can't make a sound.
And yet you never turn away from me
in boredom or frustration, but rather you bend,
always closer, to hear my every plea...

There are, of course, plenty of times when I wish
you'd sit a little closer, speak a little louder,
put your arm 'round my shoulder just a little tighter
I believe in your presence, I trust that you're there,
that you hear every word I say
and the words that echo in my heart
but fail to make it to my lips...

And sometimes, Lord, my prayer is stumbling, awkward, 
distracted, selfish, rote, unmindful and disjointed!
Help me, in my prayer, to be simple in what I say;
keep my mind and heart attuned, focused on you;
even as I bring you my own needs, 
remind me to bring the needs of others, too;
help me say the prayers I know by heart 
with attention  to each word and phrase; 
keep me mindful of your presence, Lord, 
and let your Spirit make peaceful 
the time I spend with you...

And when my prayer's not nice and neat,
receive and accept the jumbled mess it is and know, Lord,
it comes from one who wants to be at peace with you...

Just want to say thanks this morning, Lord,
for your always being there,
every time I come to pray...

Keep me faithful to your Spirit, always calling me to prayer;
help me never be afraid to share with you
whatever's on my mind and in my heart;
help me understand how you answer my prayer:
especially when the answer's no, or slow in coming
of when your response is silence, at least for now...

Keep me mindful of others in my prayer, Lord,
and when they pray for me, hear and answer them
with grace and peace...

Just want to say thanks, Lord,
for your always being there,
every time I come to pray:
this morning, this day and through the week ahead...

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  1. Beautiful poem and prayer. Thank you. I laughed at the lines about the nod and the wink at God! It reminded me of a poem I wrote a few years ago about just sitting quietly with God--not always needing words and a friend teases me because I had a line in it about how sometimes just a grunt is sufficient!

  2. Just a word of thanks from a brother priest whom you have helped to find some words for his own stuff today.

  3. I'm always pleased to hear feedback!

    Sister, I'd love to read your poem - might you send it along to me?

    Father, it's a special joy to know my words here have helped a brother priest in his own life.

    Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

  4. Loved the "jumbled mess" since it describes what my prayers so often are! Why can't I organize myself - but it is reasssuring to hear that God knows and understands and probably laughs!
    Thanks for a lovely and real reflection.


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