A musical version of the Higgs boson

In my homily this past weekend I ventured a bit into the world of physics and the recent discovery of the Higgs boson particle to speak about the wisdom of Jesus in the scriptures. Here's a fascinating and beautiful update on the Higgs boson from LiveScience:
Atom-smashing physicists have just turned data for a newly discovered particle, likely the Higgs boson, which is thought to give all other particles their mass, into music. What does the possible Higgs boson sound like? The music created from the particle's data is beautiful, with one version having a marimba feel. And now, you can listen for yourself...   The researchers used so-called data sonification to transform data collected into sound. Essentially, they used a graph showing the data and turned the energies of collisions shown on that graph into musical notes. Each data point, or energy number for a collision, was always given the same musical note, with the melody changes following exactly the same profile (the ups and downs) of the scientific data. "It offers the same qualitative and quantitative information contained in the graph, only translated into notes," composer, physicist and engineer Domenico Vicinanza told LiveScience.

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