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Stopped by a relatively new place in Hyannis tonight for dinner and to see a friend who's working there now.  Welcome to the Beech Street Cantina!

The Cantina is on Main Street and includes a main restaurant in its own building and an open air courtyard with a bar, a fire pit and plenty of seating around a giant beech tree in the center.  If you follow the link above you'll fine a 23 minute video on the Cantina just after it opened and a link to the story of the beech tree which, interestingly, includes a reference to Concord's "shot heard 'round the world!"

If you're on the Cape and tired of the decor of lobster traps, buoys and fish nets then you'll fine the Cantina's ambiance a welcome reprieve.  If you choose the courtyard you'll step off of Main Street and into a delightful, festive garden place.

For an appetizer I ordered chips, salsa and guacamole. The menu mentioned that the dip (for 2) would be prepared at your table.  Dining alone at the bar I asked if the portion were really enough for 2 and was told it was really enough for four!  A request for a "single serving" was honored though it came directly from the kitchen with no table side flair - fine by me.  The chips are made in house and were very good.  The guacamole was a generous tasty portion for one but a tad on the tame side in terms of its bite: I would have enjoyed a little more spice and that comes from someone who prefers his salsa labeled "medium."

Something about the lobster roll on the menu drew me away from all the Mexican offerings.  I'm glad I chose as I did and I'll make a return trip for a sampling of south of the border flavors.

The lobster roll was one of the best I've ever had.  When it arrived I thought the kitchen had sent a lobster salad plate because there was no roll to be seen.  Ah! The roll had been split in half and was lost under the mound of lobster meat atop it.  Fresh, plentiful and dressed lightly so as not to distract from the seafood's flavor.  Accompanied by cole slaw and fries, this was a great Cape treat in a Mexican setting.


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