A midday prayer...

I thank you, Lord,
for all things bright and beautiful
and all things bruised and broken...

Let me find in everything around me
and in everyone I meet
a trace of your presence,
the fingerprint of your grace,
and an echo of your truth...

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  1. I didn't read this Sunday mid day prayer til Monday, but it brought back the memory of last night's 5 pm Mass - a Mass I seldom attend. I am so glad I was there last night. I saw Fred,probably mid 50's, who sat in the front row, 3 rows ahead of me and I could strongly smell him.
    Fred is one of the bruised and broken, who very attentively listened to every prayer, the homily (and gave a very noticeable thumbs up when it was finished) and participated as best he could. At the sign of Peace, he reached out to the few around him, stretching his hand back to my husband and I, and then raised his hands to all in the church and gave all his lovely sign of peace.
    I'm glad I read this prayer today after my small visit with Fred,who showed all the traces of God's presence and the fingerprint of His grace so well.
    Thank you for this prayer.


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