Nice to meet you!

Friends on the Cape recently had twin boys (July 27), born at 32 weeks!  

They've just moved from a NICU in Boston to a Special Care Nursery in a local hospital (getting closer to home!) and they're doing well. 

Today was the first day they met and in the photo above you see these two brothers making one another's acquaintance.

Please meet and welcome Lennix (l) and Logan (r), sons of Brianne and Chris!


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  1. Wonderful -Aren't these two just beautiful ?
    A double portion of joy for the world !!
    Congrats and Blessings to parents too.

  2. That photo is simply gorgeous. God bless those little ones and their family.

    Thanks for this, what a way to begin my blog explorations for the day! A rich gift!

  3. Sooo cute! So glad to see that they are apparently doing well. My nephew and his wife just had their first baby who rushed out at 31 weeks and also is in a NICU (here in FL). These tiny little miracles are so precious. Congrats to the parents and praying that the twins are healthy.

  4. Hey now... in their mother's womb, they knew each other! That's a reunion photo!

    So beautiful. Thanks for sharing this with us.


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