The Summer's Darkling Rain

Photo by ES

Whatever weather you've experienced this summer, you'll find something beautiful in 'The Summer's Darkling Rain," a post by Elizabeth Scalia, The Anchoress.
Throughout the summer, but particularly for the past five weeks, I have sat at my desk and watched the noontime summer brightness grow dim and become tinged with yellow-green, until finally the light has faded enough to tempt the streetlamps, and the tree in my backyard has drooped its arms from the weight of the air.
It feels like something is coming; it tingles my inner antenna with expectation, for something... but what? Something new and ominous? Something old and familiar, that teases the romanticism within me that so often finds consolation in the dreary rain that others call dull, but which has always made me giddy with a sense of mysterious and knowing solitude?

It is only weather, and yet this year it has been noteworthy for the way it has left our days lingering between darkness and light, and made us look up in wonder...
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