A midday prayer: WEDNESDAY 10/24

What a shame when the burdens and sorrows of the day
   keep us from seeing, hearing, tasting, 
      touching, knowing and enjoying
   the simple blessings and joys of the same day...

Though this day may have its troubles, Lord,
   let nothing keep me from its peace and refreshment,
      its grace and delights...

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1 comment:

  1. this- all of your prayer here- is just what I am trying to work on right now-
    to finally LIVE-
    and be in life and experience life with all of my senses-

    and, actually, someone very important to me talked with me today about ENJOYING...

    because that is something I often miss-
    or, don't quite understand yet-

    but this is something I want- and need- to feel and have as part of my life, every day-


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