Did you not have a perfect Christmas?

Was Christmas a little less than what you expected, hoped for, dreamed of and wanted it to be?

Once again come words of wisdom from Rev. John Hudson, the Sherborn Pastor in his post, Have Yourself a Content Little Christmas:
The reality is that Christmas and the holidays are usually like most other days in how they come together and how they fall apart.  There are precious moments when we can’t believe how blessed by God we feel, how wonderful life is. There are sharp times when we get hurt or disappointed.  It snows: YEA!  SLEDDING! It snows. BOO! THE PLANE IS DELAYED!  The turkey is moist and tender and the rolls are burnt to a crisp. Always in life, whether on a special day or just another day, our outcomes usually wind up somewhere in the middle and maybe that’s ok.
Read John's complete post here.


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