The third of the Twelve Days of Christmas

 The Twelve Days begin on Christmas Day and end on January 5, the day before the traditional date for Epiphany.  On these 12 days between Christmas and Epiphany, we'll look at some images of Mary and Joseph and Jesus.  For the previous day's entries, click here.

The Third of the Twelve Days of Christmas: December 27

As a man, with no children of my own, I can only hope and imagine that mothers have moments in their hearts when they feel what Mary is imaged to be experiencing in the sculpture above by Timothy P. Schmaltz which he titles, Maternal Bond.

O Mary,
Mother of our brother, Jesus,
and Mother of us all,
you were one with your child
in your arms
as you were one with your child
in your womb...

As you knew the wonder and joy
of holding the fruit of your womb
in your embrace,
lead us to know the joy and wonder
of being held in the arms
of the One who filled yours...

Renew in us a spirit of awe
that our God has chosen
to live among us,
as One like us in all things
but sin.

In these days of Christmas joy,
hold us, your sons and daughters,
with our brother, Jesus,
in the bond we share with you,
the mother of Christ's body,
the Church...

Twelve Days 2012

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