O quam bonum et jucundum est...

Photo by CP

Every year in December, a group of my ordination classmates gets together for a reunion dinner.  This year's gathering was this past Thursday evening.  We've been hosted for many years now by one of our number who provides a feast that keeps us coming back.

The candle above was on a coffee table around which we gathered for drinks by the fire place in the living room.  Part of our evening always includes going around the circle with each man having an opportunity to share how he's doing and where his life is heading.  Most of us are now 65 years old and our 40th ordination anniversary will be in May 2013.  Add to that the advent of a new pastoral plan for the archdiocese wherein most of us will become pastor of at least two and maybe three parishes and you can begin to imagine some of this year's conversation!

A great evening for the seven of us who gathered!  I'm grateful to John, Lenny, Tony, Ron, Rod and Paul for their company, conversation, support and fraternity.

Ad multos annos!

O, quam bonum et jucundum est...
- Psalm 133: 1

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  1. It's somewhat amazing that there were 7 of you ordained in 1973 and that there are still 7 of you left...Godbless all you do in His name. Thanks for your gift of yourselves to God's people and to ministry.

  2. yes, thank you, so very much, to you all-

    I am so glad that you had such a nice evening last week-
    and that you have this special time every year-

    what do you often say?

    Praise God from whom all blessings flow

    you all are in my prayers.


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