In Newtown is heard the sound of sobbing...

Rachel Weeping: Image source

In Ramah is heard the sound of sobbing, bitter weeping! 
Rachel mourns for her children, 
she refuses to be consoled 
because her children are no more...  
(Jeremiah 31:15). 

Our Advent peace is tragically overturned by today's grief.  This night, Newtown, Connecticut is Ramah and the the parents of the children lost there today are Rachel of the scriptures.

Let us pray for those grieving families...  Let us pray for parents everywhere whose hearts are numbed by this news...  Let us pray for the children who lost their classmates and teachers... Let us pray for an end to violence...  Let us pray that even in such tragedy we continue to seek, to look for, to wait the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ who is our healing and our peace...

H/T to St. Ann Parish in Raynham, MA


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