The view from my heart... UPDATED

Photo from the "Fleming Family Archives"

On Face Book, my sister has started a "Cousins Page" and a few days ago invited us to post photos from back in the day.  The results have been amazing, heart-warming, nostalgic and historically informative.

In posting the photo above I invite you to a place deep in my heart where the some of my most cherished childhood memories are lodged forever.

What you see above is the our family creche (we always called it "the manger") which sat atop our television on my mother's hope chest in the den, just outside the living room where we seldom ventured except for special times - like Christmas.

The photo isn't sharp (click to enlarge!) but I hope you can see a small church in a grove of four pine trees on the TV's left.  A small interior light bulb gave a warm glow from within.  On the other side are four members of a children's choir.  Each figure was actually a candle with a wick growing out of its head but we never lit those candles: that little choir sang from year to year.

There's a store house of love in my heart to which this photo holds the key.  I know that key will be turned at Midnight Mass after Communion when we sing Silent Night which seems to be the musical score for this special childhood memory...

A picture as holy as this one is certainly worth more than a thousand words...

UPDATE: a friend and reader shopped the photo above and this rendition offers better detail.  Thanks, JW!


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  1. Memories of Weeks Road and the old neighborhood. Life was innocent then. We were great little kids weren't wear.

  2. Thanks for sharing this pix and commentary...tugs at a lot of memories


  3. Actually, Kathy, this photo goes back before Weeks Road to our time on Hobart Street! We moved to Hobart from Salem on my first birthday (1948)
    and lived there until I was in the 4th or 5th grade.

  4. thank you for letting us all in to this special place in your heart-

    it's interesting, or something, how we all seem to remember things like the names of the streets we lived on, from a VERY young age-
    well before we could read and write-


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