A midday prayer: SATURDAY 2/23

Save me, O God, 
   for the waters have reached my neck.
I have sunk into the mire of the deep
   where there is no foothold.
You are my help and deliverer:
   Lord, do not delay!
- Psalm 69

The imagery in the psalm is strong, Lord,
   but sometimes, that's just how I feel...

Help me trust that no matter how deep the waters,
  no matter how difficult my situation,
you are there for me, within arm's reach,
   your hand taking mine to save me...

You're my deliverer, Lord:
   be there to help me and don't delay...

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  1. kind of, exactly, how I feel-
    how my day was-


    weird. (how you knew this, CP)

    but, maybe this is the Lord at work?

  2. No crystal ball here so it MUST be the Holy Spirit!


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