A joy and a blessing!

May I share a little joy with you?

I received this email this morning:
Hello Father, I hope all is well with you. 

There are four women down here in Pennsylvania who meet every Wednesday evening for prayer and sharing. For the past six months or so, your blog has been the springboard for our reflection. Not only that, we connect with it each day. It is a wonderful gift for us and we are very grateful...

Thank you for letting the Lord work so powerfully through you. You blog is gift for us and for me. We pray for you each time we gather. Peace and blessings...

I'll be printing this out and putting it in my "jar of blessings" (here and here) for sure!


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  1. thank you for sharing that with us-

    I don't have a "jar of blessings", but I would like to start one-
    (it's never too late, right?)

  2. How wonderful to receive such lovely affirmation. Blessing, indeed.

  3. Nothing like a blessing that resonates within your heart! Very lovely indeed. And the affirmation is well deserved. You are a wonderful example of how spiritual gifts increase by use...and can reach so many!

    Thanks for sharing the email, i'm certain it speaks for many of us who have grown because of your "yes"!

  4. Reading this absolutely makes my Day!! God bless you in this special part of your ministry.

  5. I am so glad that the women in Pennsylvania took the time to be in touch with you and that you shared that with us. Somehow, I feel as if we can fail to appreciate a true treasure among us. It is good to be reminded of what a blessing you are, CP.



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