Monday Morning Offering - 229

Coffee in the Morning by George Mendoza

I know it's a little early in the year
and I know we'll have more cold weather
and probably at least a little snow
-- but the snow is melting, 
the days are longer,
and degree by degree 
it's getting a little warmer!

And a friend just 20 miles away
has these beauties in her yard...

Photo by Ann F

And so, I pray...

In my corner of the universe
spring waits, about to wake, 
ready to rise up from still-cold ground
through patches of snow, 
warming to the sun in gardens 
thirsty for April’s rains…

I know that spring will come, Lord:
a blooming green triumph over winter’s sway,
with breezes sweeping clean the sidewalks
and paths that lead to summer’s rest…

I'm sure that spring will come around me, Lord,
but I pray for a springtime deep within my soul:
a rising up of hope in a winter-chilled heart,
through remnants of sin and hurt,
to a mind thawed of worried fears,
to a spirit fresh with mercy’s morning dew...

I offer you my heart this morning, Lord,
waiting to wake, ready to rise,
to be lifted up by your loving hand…

Rise within me, Lord,
with grace, with mercy and new-found life...
Breathe your Spirit's life within me,
sweeping clean the pathways of my heart...

Spring-clean my soul for Easter joy
and resurrect my hope in you 
and in the season of your grace that has no end:
wake the springtime of your life within me...

And make me mindful, Lord, of others
waking from their own wintry days:
keep us patient with each other
as we stretch and bud and bloom and  
wait for you in all the ways you spring to life
within us and among us...

So my hope and prayer for spring I offer you 
this morning, Lord,
and through this week and on until
the peace of Easter rises in my heart...


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1 comment:

  1. I think I have already begun to "think spring" and warmer weather-
    and dress more for that-
    but, to my "surprise", I found today to not live up to what I hoped for...
    or, maybe I was shocked back to reality-

    but, I too, know- and believe- it is coming-

    I am about to begin a major life change-
    (and this is just one of changes)

    I am moving to a new apartment-

    and, especially after reading your prayer this morning, I can't think of a better time of year for this to happen-

    thank you-
    and praise God from whom all blessings flow-


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