Boston: We're ok. We're not ok. We'll be ok...

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Here's an excellent post from my old friend and colleague, Rev. John Hudson, who blogs at Sherborn Pastor.   I believe John gets it just about right here - not an easy task in the wake of yesterday's terror and tragedy.  John writes of those who were waiting yesterday for a call or a text from family members and friends, waiting to hear those sweet words, "I'm okay."  For many, that message arrived and for others, it didn't:
So thank God we are okay. And oh my God: we are not okay.  We must name this spiritual contradiction right now, this tension and churning within our broken hearts. How all our feelings are mixed up and mashed up: sadness and relief, grief and guilt, shock and anger, the question of “Why?” with no immediate answer.
We want to hurry up and put it all back together again: normalcy, a warm Patriots Day like so many others before, Boston as our special city, safe, and tucked away in sweet familiar April memories and marathons and everything which makes this place shine. God knows we’d like to go back in time but we can’t.    
So…we are okay. We are not okay. We will be okay. But not yet.
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