Monday Morning Offering - May 20

Image: George Mendoza

Good morning, good God!

Fresh from Pentecost I am, Lord -
but still much in need of your Spirit
and your Spirit's gifts...

So, I offer you a confession of foolishness, Lord,
especially the foolishness of sin in my life...
give me your Spirit's right judgment to discern between
   right and wrong, fun and folly, love and lust,
   self-care and selfishness, humor and harm,
   gossip and genuine caring...

And I offer you my desire for the Spirit's gift of courage
that I might follow my discernment's lead
to make wise choices and good decisions,
sound plans and selfless goals -
all with plenty of follow-through, Lord!

I offer you my weaknesses this morning, Lord,
and pray for the Spirit's gift of understanding
(at home, at school, at work, wherever I may be)
that I might see how I should live according to your Word:
   to speak the truth when a lie would be easier,
   to speak out loud when silence would be simpler,
   to act when doing nothing would cost me so much less...

   to defend the weak when my strength is much in need,
   to stand for what's just when others need support,
   to do what's honest when others are cheating,
   to walk humbly with you, Lord,
   no matter what others think and say...

I offer you my self-
and pray for the Spirit's gift of wisdom:
   to see you in all peoples and in all things,
      and to see everyone and everything through your eyes..
   to see the truth as you know it,
   to see your hand at work at all times,
   to find meaning in suffering
   and your fingerprints on every bit of my life
      and on the whole of creation...

I offer you my pride and my know-it-all attitude, Lord,
and pray you'll give me the Spirit's gift of knowledge:
   deepen my desire to know you and to love you...
   make me hungry to know the truth of your Word
   make me thirsty for your Spirit's life within my soul...
   teach me to love the path you walk, Lord,
      and give me the desire to follow you...
   deepen my love for our Church and its life
      and for any and all things leading me closer to you...

In a world that often and easily forgets you, Lord,
   give me the Spirit's gift of reverence...
   give me a spirit of profound respect for you
      and for the people you call your own...
   make me humble before you, Lord,
      and before my brothers and sisters...
   give me a love for prayer, for time for prayer,
   and give me a spirit of prayer
      that leads me to rely on you
      as my light and my salvation...

I offer you my tendency to rely on myself, Lord,
and pray for the Spirit's gift
of wonder and awe in your presence...

   increase my desire to be with you
      and never to be separated from you...
   keep me from anything or anyone
      who keeps me from you and your grace...
   teach me to find my joy
      in knowing you are always with me
   and teach me to find peace
      in trusting that you are there
      even and especially when I can't find you...

The gifts you offer are many, Lord,
and I need all of them - all of the time...

Open me to your Spirit's gifts, Lord,
   and help me share them
   with those I know and meet;
and open me to your gifts in others
  whose paths will cross mine
  all this day and through this week...

Receive my Monday morning offering, Lord
   and open me to receive the Spirit's gifts...



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