Monday Morning Offering: May 27

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I've been reflecting on wisdom and foolishness after working on yesterday's homily.  This morning's prayer is a revised version of a post from about a year ago.

The way of the fool seems right in his own eyes,
   but he who listens to advice is wise...
- Proverbs 12 

Good morning, good God!

Lord, you see everything I do 
   and everything I fail to do
and yet you pardon and forgive me
   and call me your own...

Trusting in your mercy, then,
   I dare to sit with you in prayer and ask,
      "When today, Lord, will I play the fool?"

When, today, will I turn from your counsel
   and do what I deem right by my own lights?
When, today, will I ignore your word
   and follow advice I give myself?
When, today, will my lazy self not bother to seek
   and heed the wisdom you offer 
      to guide my thoughts, my words, my deeds today?

It only takes a moment
   for me to step away from your path and walk, instead,
      the way that seems so right to me...
It takes but an instant
   to tune out your voice speaking within me,
      telling me what's wise, what's true..
It takes but a second
   to forget what I know to be right and choose instead
     what will please me and ease my day...

What a dunce am I to have in my heart
   your counsel, truth and advice,
      your word and law, your Spirit to guide me:
to have all this and still to play the fool
   and walk a path that leads to trouble and pain...
to have in my mind the wisdom of ages
   and yet to make the foolish choice,
knowing full well how one day's folly 
   quickly becomes my pattern, my path - my regret...

So in the shade of your mercy, Lord, 
   I'm bold to ask, "When today will I play the fool?"

Help me remember, Lord,
   how wise you are and how foolish I can be --
and don't let me forget that
   as I make choices and decisions today...

Help me see my foolish ways and choices,
   help me hear my foolish words
      and keep me from my foolish deeds:
give me wisdom, Lord, and strength
   and the will to live by wisdom's light...

You know so well how foolish I can be, Lord,
   and so I ask your pardon for my foolish ways
and pray you'll open up my heart and mind
   to seeds of wisdom planted by your Spirit
      deep within my soul each day...

Refresh my memory, Lord,
   of what I've learned from your word
      and know of your truth...

Refresh my memory, Lord,
   of what I've learned from my mistakes,
     of what my past has taught me... 

Remind me, Lord,
   of how my deepest peace has always come
      from following where you lead,
         wherever your path may take me... 

Let me see with your eyes, Lord, let me hear within
   what you would have me do
and help me find the peace that comes
   from living by your wisdom and your will...

Such is my prayer this Monday morning, Lord:
   help me trust that you forgive my foolish heart
      and give me wisdom, deep and strong,
         to light the path I walk this week...


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