Pause for Prayer: Pentecost Novena - Day 5

We're offering some special prayers, a novena, in preparation for Pentecost Sunday which falls this year on May 19, 2013.  Here's some more info and background on Pentecost and these prayers.

Check out the widget at the top of the sidebar and choose a song to listen to, to help you slow down and lead you to a prayerful quiet place in your mind and heart...

Here's a word from scripture to reflect on:
          For wisdom will enter your heart,
             knowledge will be at home in your soul,
          Discretion will watch over you,
             understanding will guard you...  -Proverbs 2:10-11
The quote from Proverbs shows, again, 
      the interconnection of the Spirit's gifts: 
         here how knowledge relates to wisdom 
            and understanding and right judgment (discretion)...

I won't find this gift of knowledge 
      in text books or encyclopedias:
   knowledge is the Spirit's gift to help me discover 
      God's purpose for my life,
   to help me discern God's plan 
      for my gifts and talents and the love I have to offer others...

Knowledge comes as I welcome the Spirit's inclining,
      disposing my mind and thoughts and desires
         towards God's will for me, God's purpose in my life...
Let us pray... 
Lord, send me your Spirit's gift of knowledge:
      open my mind to know you, my God;
      open my heart to know your presence;
      open my imagination to know your plans for me;
      open my thoughts to know your thoughts;
      open my soul to know your stirring within me.
   Send your Spirit to help me know your love, Lord
      and how you call me to love you and my neighbor,
         in word and deed... 

Today's Take-Away
   Lord, help me know, in my mind and heart,
      what you plan for me today, 
         what you ask of me today...

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