Pause for Prayer: Pentecost Novena - Day Four

We're offering some special prayers, a novena, in preparation for Pentecost Sunday which falls this year on May 19, 2013.  Here's some more info and background on Pentecost and these prayers.

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Here's a word from scripture to reflect on:
              For God gave us a spirit not of cowardice
                 but of power and love and self-control.  - 2 Timothy 1:7 
The gift of courage is not mere bravado
      but rather the confluence of power, love and self-control,
         a triad of strength and virtue.  

The gift of courage empowers me
      to do what wisdom, understanding and right judgment teach us.

The gift of courage gives my love its muscularity 
      and the virtue of self-control trains my heart for the service of others.

Let us pray...
Give me a share of the courage I need, Lord,
      to do what you ask of me, what you want of me,
         what you call me to do.
   Give me courage to welcome your Spirit within me
      and the will to love as your Word instructs me.
   Let your Spirit's gift of courage burn within my soul
      and brand me as one of your own. 
Today's Take-Away
   In what relationships, situations and difficulties
      will I need the gift of courage today?

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