Rules for Being Me

Malchut and Tiferet of the 10 Sefirot

My cyber friend, Alden Solovy, is in Israel and sends this great prayer through his blog, To Bend Light.  Please visit his post and perhaps you'll be persuaded to compose your own "Rules for Being Me..."  I hope to find the time soon to do this myself.

As always, I count myself grateful and blessed that Alden's prayer from his tradition find such a home in ours and in our hearts.  And thanks to Alden for some help with the Hebrew words here - check the footnotes.

Rules for Being Me in Jerusalem

Smile at everyone.
Or, at least, nod in their direction.
Some may even smile back.
Don’t take offense if someone
Simply looks away,
Or never makes eye contact.
They aren’t used to it.

Speak your truth,
But only when it adds love
Or a blessing to the world.
Live your truth always.
No matter what.

Before Shabbat,*
Put a loaf of bread where
Someone needy can find it.
Say a quick prayer for abundance,
Yours and theirs.

Look at everyone as if you can see
Directly into their hearts.
Their hearts hold joy and grief and love.
Like yours.
See the best in everyone,
Even when someone chooses to show you their worst.

Smile at women with babies. And men.
Not for them, for you.
You are seeing the future,
And it is beautiful.

Say Shabbat Shalom to everyone,
Even men without kippot.**
We all deserve rest and peace.

There is holiness in the air.
Malchut and Tiferet***
Are within your grasp.

**yarmulkes (head covering)
*** Malchut and Tifert are used by Jewish mystics to describe two of 10 aspects of the divine, known as the 10 Sefirot. All 10 defy a quick or simple definition as they attempt to describe aspects of the infinite and the unknowable. Here's a start: Malchut -- also known as kingdom, nobility, sovereignty and leadership -- is associated with the feminine aspects of G-d, known as Shechinah, or queen. This is the dwelling presence of the divine, the area where thought meets action.   Tiferet -- also known as compassion, harmony, truth and beauty -- is associated with the masculine aspects of G-d, or king. Tiferet is balanced completion, such as balancing love and discipline.


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