A thank you - and a heads up!

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A thank you!  
Let me take this opportunity to thank you for all the ways you spread word of my blog.  Your emailing links and posts to family and friends is a big help.  Sharing links to my blog as they appear every day on FaceBook is also very much appreciated.  Thanks to all of you who follow me on Twitter (@ConcordPastor) and who retweet my links.  And thanks to other bloggers for including me on their blogrolls.  July 18 will be the 6th anniversary of this page - thank you for helping it grow!

A heads up!
Do you follow Concord Pastor through Google Reader?  If so, you probably know Google's aggregator is fading from the internet this weekend and come Monday, July 1, it will be gone. NOW'S the time to find a substitute for Google Reader.  

A friend (thanks, Ben!) suggested several options and I've gone with Feedly which will import all your current Google info - and it's free.  I was a little nervous about tackling the switch but was pleased to find that Feedly does all the work for you!
Of course, you can also subscribe directly to Concord Pastor (and for free) just by clicking once on the link you find at the end of any post:  
If you subscribe you'll receive an email every morning with a link to that day's Pause for Prayer - and other posts on my blog.


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