Pause for Prayer: FRIDAY 6/28

Sometimes when I'm praying, Lord,
I imagine you sitting next to me on a park bench
in a quiet place, 
on a beautiful day...

Sometimes we just sit there,
just the two of us,
in the silence...

Sometimes I pour out my heart to you
and share my troubles and worries 
and you listen...

Sometimes I savor recent joys 
or moments of peace 
and I offer you my thanks
and you listen...

Sometimes I just listen
and you speak,
from your heart to mine...

Sometimes when I listen 
I hear nothing 
except the simple silence of your presence 
and sometimes,
that's word enough to bring me peace...

And sometimes, Lord,
you and I just sit...

One thing I know
is that I never have to wait for you:
you're always there on the park bench 
waiting for me...

And you're never in a hurry,
you're pleased to stay 
as long as I like,
as long as I need...
And you listen, Lord,
you listen with all of your heart,
even when my silence
is the only prayer I make...
You listen...


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