Dads and sons on Father's Day

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What were your first thoughts on seeing this photo?

I know that both sons and daughters honor their dads on Father's Day but as a son, whose father has gone to God, I know that there's something about this day that's particular to dads and sons.  

What were your first thoughts on seeing the photo above?  I'll wager you won't find a Father's Day card with such an image although it seems to me this is just what a Father's Day card ought to offer.  In that embrace, that hug, that affection, in that shared acceptance, is an image of the blessing every father has to offer his son and every son wants to receive from his dad.

Some of what follows was in my earlier post written with sons and daughters in mind.  I've reworked that reflection for fathers and sons and it's my Father's Day gift to dads (and sons) everywhere.
Dad, you can't too often tell your son
   how much you love him.

You can't too many times hug him tight,

   put your arm around his shoulder
      or kiss him good night.

There's no limit on how many times
   you can take your son, just the two of you,
for a walk, a talk, a ride or an ice cream cone
   (and one day, for a beer).

Call your son by his name, with love,
   and call him son in a way that lets him know
      how happy and proud you are to be his father.

Be a dad whose thoughts, words and deeds
   set a high standard for his son to live by.

Make sure your son knows you’re a man of faith
   who believes in the God
      whom Jesus called his Father.

Pray with your son at home and at church,
   when times are tough and when times are great:
let him know that God has a place
   in your heart and in your life.

A father’s love for his son
   is one of the greatest untapped natural resources
      of the universe!
Don't let it go to waste...

There’s power and blessing in your love for your son
   to help your boy grow into a man.
Without even knowing it, a son waits for his father's blessing
   on who he is and who he will become:
find at least a thousand ways
   to give your son your blessing...

Too many a dad comes to life’s end
   wishing he’d done more of this or less of that,
      with and for his boy:
when your time comes may you look back with thanks
   for how God helped you be a father for your son.

And always be sure of this:
   your son wants you to be the dad
that you, in your heart of hearts, want to be for him
   - and wanted your dad to be for you...


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  1. I thought both reflections were very beautiful. Thank you.



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