Monday Morning Offering: JULY 1

Image: George Mendoza

Good morning, good God!
Sometimes it's a roller-coaster, Lord:
ups and downs, twists and turns
and loop-the-loops that frighten me...

Or maybe it's a carousel I can't get off,
this merry-go-round madness of dizzy circles,
where it seems there's no way forward...

Amusement parks can be fun, Lord,
but I really don't want to live in one
and I don't want one living in me...

Slow me down
and stop the runaway pace of my thoughts,
ease the worries rushing my pulse
and calm my anxious heart...

Find me another park, Lord,
the kind with fields and ponds and fountains
and paths to walk and benches to rest on...

Find me a peaceful place to park my soul
where I can take an easy walk with you
or sit with you upon a bench and rest
and watch the world go by,
for a while...

I'm not asking you to take all my problems away, Lord.
(Unless you want to!)
I'm just asking for a break, a peaceful break
so I can clear my head, cleanse my soul,
get my bearings and with your help
go back to it all refreshed by your grace
and ready to face the "amusements"
my life brings me...

I know there's a peaceful place, Lord,
and I know you're there, waiting for me...

I know there's a path to walk
and I know your waiting for me to join you...

I know there's a bench to sit on
and I know you've saved a place for me
right by your side...

Every roller-coaster slows and eases back
to where the ride began:
let me step away, Lord,
and leave that ride behind...

Every carousel finally stops
to let more riders hop on board:
help me step off, Lord,
and make my way to you...

Amusement parks are fun, Lord,
but I really don't want to live in one
and I don't want one living in me...

I want to live in your presence,
close by your side
with your Spirit living within me:
I want to live in your peace...

A week's ahead of me, Lord,
and all kinds of rides beckon me aboard:
some I can't escape - some rides in life are tough;
but where and when I'm able, with your grace,
help me find a peaceful park
and spend a part of every day with you...


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  1. After reading this post, I keep thinking of the lyrics of "Windmills of Your Mind," one of my all time favorite songs.



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