Pause for Prayer: THURSDAY 6/6

The people I'll meet today
   are people with things on their mind,
   aches and pains in their bodies,
   troubles in their souls,
   and hurt in their hearts...

They'll be busy, sad, distracted and
  preoccupied with problems large and small,
they'll be hoping for the day to end
   and wondering if it ever will...

In other words, Lord,
   the people I'll meet today will be, in many ways,
      just like me...

So help me be as gentle, Lord,
  as I'd have others be with me...

Help me understand
   when I can't figure out what bothers them,
      let alone what's bothering me...

Help me be forgiving
   of what I don't see or know,
remembering how I hide so well
   what makes a grouch of me...

And help me help my friends, Lord,
   to make it through the day
and open me to help I'm given
   when tomorrow seems a year away...

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