Monday Morning Offering: JULY 29

Image: George Mendoza

Good morning, good God! 

It's not been an easy summer, Lord:
hot, humid, harried
and busier than any summer ought to be...

But my vacation's still ahead
and I look forward to its ease
though my return will be near Labor Day:
the beginning of the end of summer
and the fall of evening's early shadows,
much too early, may I say and for the record,
my soul most heartily agrees...

By all accounts, more than half this summer's gone
and if the truth be told 
it's more than several years since when I crossed
the half-way mark of my life's time -
whatever in your pleasure you'll determine that to be...

And this is strange, Lord - and good:
I dread September more than death...

I hope and pray the last of all my seasons  
waits much farther down the road
but the fall's around the corner, within reach 
and will arrive, I know, too soon 
and dim the light...

Only you know, Lord, 
how many seasons lie ahead for me:
the calendar you keep's a secret, so it's true
today's the day that you have made
and it's the only day I truly have...

But last week came a new friend
and I think of how my heart will make a place for him
(and his a place for me) in seasons yet to come...

And through these hot and humid, harried days
I've found new strength and trust in you, Lord:
all pure grace and gift...

And surely, so I hope, you have great plans 
for how I'll grow in love of you
through summers, falls, winters, springs,
through years of seasons yet unknown, 
each day a gracious gift 
and known to you alone...

The seasons change by days and weeks and months,
predictably so, as nature has allowed
but only you, Lord, know the seasons of my life
and on what day the light will finally dim 
and I will wake to light and life that have no end...

You've given me this summery Monday morning
and I lift it up to you with thanks, my God:
I praise you for the gift of one more day, today,
and for this season of your grace and peace...


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