Pause for Prayer: SATURDAY 7/13

   there's not a soul that you don't love,
   there's not a prayer that you don't hear,
   there's no anger you can't tame,
   there's no sin you won't forgive,
   there's not a heart that you won't heal,
   there's not a tear you fail to notice,
   there's no pain you haven't felt,
   there's no fear you can't relieve,
   there's not a mind you cannot read,
   there's not a worry you can't ease,
   there's not a joy that you don't share,
   there's not a problem you can't solve,
   there's no trouble that I face without your help...

When I need to remember one or two of these,
   or more, or all of the above;
bring me back to this prayer, Lord,
   and to my trust in you today...

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