Pause for Prayer: FRIDAY 7/12

(Thanks to my friend, DB, who asked if I'd had a good day)

Sat down in a restaurant and the bartender asked,
      "Did you have a good day?"

I said yes, but then wondered:
   what makes a day good?

I know bad days are made of
   "too much to do and no time to do it..."

I know rough days are made of mistakes, mostly mine,
   and of so many things that just don't go right...

I know it's a bad day when helpless, discouraged
   and sad's how I feel...

But what makes a good day, Lord?
   What makes a day good?

A good day's a day that starts with the prayer
   that no matter what happens you'll be by my side...

A good day's a day I take as it comes
   and don't worry all day 'bout tomorrow...

A good day's a day when I take time to listen
   and look for the ways that you've got my back...

A good day's a day when I'm sure in my heart
   that it's you who's in charge and not me...

A good day's a day when I wait for your Spirit
   to lead me beyond my own plans and schemes...

A good day's a day that ends with a prayer
   to remember and thank you for being my God...

It's a new day, Lord, a brand new day
   and I hope and I pray it's a good one...

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