Pause for Prayer: THURSDAY 7/11

I was sitting, reading, when a clap of thunder
   took my eye off the page
      to a vision of rain reminding me
         I'd left my car windows open...

I ran to my car and closed the windows,
   averted the crisis
      (seats nice and dry)
         and went back inside to my reading...

I need more thunder, Lord!

I need more thunder
   to get my attention,
      draw me out of my dreams
         and show me where trouble is looming...

I need warnings, loud ones, to wake me
   and shake me from sleep and what keeps me
      from seeing more clearly what needs to be done
        -- in plenty of time to do it...

I need more thunder, Lord:
   a knock on the head, a kick in the butt
      to jump start my day and push me along
         in the right direction, out of harm's way...

I need your help because on my own
   I'm asleep at the switch and need you to nudge me
     and open my eyes to see what I need to see
        and to do what needs to be done...

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  1. This prayer mirrors my sentiments exactly!

  2. How true for most of us.....well, for me anyway!

  3. Fr. Fleming, thank you for your blog. Your word and prayers help me to pray -- something I find very difficult. Do you write all of the prayers and poems and reflections on your blog, or are they found gems you share with us? Or both?

  4. Thanks for your kind words, Anonymous. I write about 98% of what appears here and anything that is not my own work is always clearly credited to its author, with a link to the original source.


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