Monday Morning Offering: August 5

Image: George Mendoza

Audio for Monday Morning Offering

Good morning, good God!

Wake me before the alarm clock rings
and rouse me to a new day, rain or shine;
fill me at daybreak with your kindness, Lord,
and let the sun rise in my heart...

Even in my dreams, fill me with your peace
and calm my soul before the dawn's first light;
before my eyes are open, when I'm still half asleep,
stir my mind to thoughts of how this day's your gift to me...

If clouds above or clouds within should tempt my heart
to doubt that you are with me, by my side:
shake me wide awake and pierce the mist
that veils and hides your face from mine…

At daybreak fill me with your kindness
and give my heart a day's supply of hope and trust;
let my first thoughts be of you, Lord,
my first words give you praise for this day's light...

At daybreak, fill me with your Spirit's gifts
to help me face whatever comes my way
and give me strength and faith in you
and in your promise to be with me every step along my path...

At daybreak, fill me with the grit I need
to face whatever I might fear or hide from:
remind me that I'm not alone, that with you, Lord,
and by your side, I need not be afraid...

At daybreak, pull me from my bed and set me on my feet:
shower me with grace until I'm wide-eyed, braced
and ready for a brand new day, a day I've never known,
the day that you have readied for my soul...

At daybreak fill me with your kindness, Lord,
and lead me to whatever joy this day might hold:
help me find the peace that this day brings
and let no trace of your love fail to catch my eye...  

At daybreak and throughout this day and into night
be at my side and show your face, Lord,
and let me hear your voice, calling me to listen
and to live the word you speak within my heart, today...

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