Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 8/6

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Audio for today's pause for prayer

Open my eyes today, Lord!

Make my vision clear and sharp enough
   to see the simplest wonders all around me,
the ones I miss when I'm so harried
   that I hurry past the beauty on my path...

Help me see the hidden burdens carried
   by those whose paths cross mine
and show me any way that I might help 
   to bear their worries and their sorrows...

Correct my vision, Lord, 
   when it's fuzzy and unfocused,
when I miss the details you provide
   to guide me on the path you'd have me walk...

Help me see what's up ahead of me
   and see what's right in front of me
and help me see and read whatever signs
   you post to help me find my way...

Help me see my neighbor with your eyes,
   and help me see myself as you see me;
light my vision with your Spirit's wisdom,
   give me eyes that peer into the human heart...

Open my eyes today, Lord: help me see what I miss 
   at my first and hasty glance; 
teach me to look and look again until I see the beauty
   of all this day might bring...

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