Paying Attention: WEDNESDAY 8/14

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Perhaps the greatest benefit of these daily prayer posts (especially as they're received on FaceBook and Twitter) is the way in which they remind readers to stop and make some time for prayer. Regardless of the value of what's posted, the very title, Pause for Prayer, calls attention to our relationship with God on a daily basis. 

Attention...  Paying attention amid all the distractions...

I hope that as you pause for prayer today, you'll give your attention to this fine short video on the importance of simply -- paying attention...

Among all the distractions
   whirling within and around me,
help me stop each day to pause, to pray
   to pay attention to you, Lord...

Help me pay attention
   to how you pay attention to me:
      24/7, ever watchful in your vigil,
         day and night...

Help me attend to the words you speak,
      whispered in my heart,
words to guard and guide me
   and keep me from harm's way...

Help me attend to your Spirit,
   moving in my thoughts and plans;
help me attend to what you ask of me
   and walk the path you chart for me today...

Help me pay attention to all whose paths
   will intersect with mine today;
help me attend to their burdens and their needs
   and what gifts of peace they offer me...

Make me mindful of you, Lord:
   help me pause for prayer and in the quiet just sit still
      and pay attention to the silence of your presence...


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  1. Recently I read something which resonated with me. "Most of mankind's misery stems from not feeling loved." In this post's video the narrator notes that by paying attention to someone, by really listening to someone you show that person you love them.



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