Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 8/13

You might remember a post from last summer: July 25,  2012.  

A year later, it was a wonderful surprise tonight at dinner to find a bottle of Sterling Sauvignon Blanc at the home of some Cape friends - who did remember that post!


Your love is fine wine, Lord,
   clear and golden, aged eternal, 
      poured to quench my thirst...

The very finest vintage
   from the grapes of your own vineyard,
      passion-pressed through your own veins...

Full bodied, deep, refreshing souls  
   parched and desert dry:
      an oasis in a glass to kiss my lips...

Pour a taste, a sip, a toast 
   from your heart into mine, Lord:
      and I will savor your sweet peace...



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  1. An oasis...each and every day. I do try to savor all that the Lord gives me. I have found as I get older, that I make more time in my day to say a quick prayer, and always try to thank Him for all the good things that touch me each day.

  2. I find that I more pray for God to help me to SEE all of the good things in each day...

    and I pray also, more often, just to help me see God with me-
    as I walk through each day-

    praying that God be with me through it all-

    this was a very nice post- it was nice to hear your voice saying the words, Concord Pastor...


Please THINK before you write
and PRAY before you think!