Pause for Prayer: SATURDAY 8/3

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Sometimes when I'm praying, 
I imagine Jesus sitting next to me 
on a park bench, 
in a quiet place, in the shade,
on a beautiful day...

Sometimes we just sit there together, 
just Jesus and me, 
in the silence...

Sometimes I pour out my heart to him,
sharing my troubles and worries
and he listens to every single word...

Sometimes I savor a recent joy
or a moment of peace 
and I thank him for it... 

Sometimes I ask to be forgiven
and his heart of mercy pardons me… 

Sometimes I pray for someone else
whose cares I place in Jesus’ hands… 

Sometimes I just listen
and he speaks 
from his heart to mine...

Sometimes when I listen
I hear nothing 
except the simple silence of his presence 
and often, 
that's word enough to bring me peace...

And sometimes
we just sit,
Jesus next to me,
in a quiet place, in the shade,
on any day...

One thing I know is this:
every time I go to pray 
he's always there,
waiting for me...

He's always on time, 
he's never late,
never in a hurry 
and he's willing to stay as long as I like...

Close your eyes,
go to the park, over where it's shady,
and find the bench where Jesus
is waiting for you... 

Just close your eyes
and pray...

(Just realized I posted a version of this not too long ago:
hope it's still helpful even as it comes 'round again so soon!)

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