Pause for Prayer: SUNDAY 8/4

This is the song we're singing this weekend in my parish as the gifts are prepared on the altar.  Its lyrics fit well with the Sunday scriptures, reminding us of our need to grow which in what matters to God. A beautiful song for today's Pause for Prayer.

Only This I Want by Dan Schutte

    Only this I want:
    but to know the Lord,
    and to bear his cross,
    so to wear the crown he wore.

1. All but this is loss,
worthless refuse to me,
for to gain the Lord
is to gain all I need.

2. I will run the race;
I will fight the good fight,
so to win the prize
of the kingdom of my Lord.

3. Let your heart be glad,
always glad in the Lord,
so to shine like stars
in the darkness of the night.

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