Another Boston priest in the blogosphere

I'm pleased to share with you the news that another Boston priest has begun blogging.    Fr. John Connelly, ordained in 1950,  has his page up over at Prayer and Intelligence.

It was my good fortune to have been a student of Fr. Connelly when he was teaching at St. John Seminary in Brighton, MA.  Please take a look at his page and at his biography - a remarkable ministry stretching over more than 6 decades.

Fr. Connelly was accustomed to writing a weekly column on matters theological in his parish bulletin and, as he notes in his first post, his blog will continue in the same vein. (He retired from active parish ministry this summer.)  Though he's a professional theologian, his target audience will be those of us who aren't.  That, however, doesn't mean that he won't be serious about his subject matter!  His second post is on the meaning of the Lord's Transfiguration.  It's lengthy but chock full of readable material that will offer you a fine understanding of what it meant for Jesus to go up that mountain with Peter, James and John.  And don't miss Fr. Connelly's notes on the Feast of the Transfiguration's date (August 6) and the code names used in the bombing of Hiroshima on the same day.

I'll be linking to Prayer and Intelligence on my side bar and I hope you'll become a regular visitor there.  It will be a great opportunity to learn some theology from a master teacher.


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