Pause for Prayer: WEDNESDAY 9/3

Audio for today's Pause for Prayer

I'm always grateful, Lord,
when your mercy erases my mistakes,
my errors and my sins,
giving me a clean slate
to make a new beginning:
the grace of starting over...

But time's eraser
isn't always as kind and forgiving...

When time erases the faces of those I love
and rubs out places I called home,
when only faded lines remain, reminding me
of those who filled my heart
and where I dwelt and played and prayed with them in peace,
when only a ghost of an image haunts
and teases my soul to pine and remember,

it's then I need your grace to bridge the gaps,
to fill the empty aching, to quicken back to life
the memories of the people and the places
who loved me into being, who made me who I am,
whose family and friendship were your grace
alive within me, deep inside me, all around me...

But I know there's no erasing from your heart, Lord...

So I pray that those who've gone before me wait,
now brighter than my keenest memory's ken.
I pray they wait 'til I'm erased from this life's page
and summoned to a brighter life and place
than I have ever known,
to your heart, Lord,
where once again, indelibly,
my life and love with them, in you,
will have no end...



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  1. Awesome, thank you.

  2. Absolutely beautiful.


  3. Yesterday, I had just read this when I commented. Today, I read and listened at the same time. The impact was even more intense. I think this is one of the best you have ever shared with us. Thank you.


  4. Thanks, Rosemary. It happens that on Labor Day I had lunch with friends I've known for many years and in the course of conversation one of them used the image of an eraser removing people and places from her life. That was my inspiration for this post.


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