Monday Morning Offering: OCTOBER 28

Image: George Mendoza

Audio for today's Monday Morning Offering

Good  morning, good God!

You're such a good and faithful listener, Lord:
I'm grateful for your being "all ears"
when I come to you in prayer...

It seems you never tire of listening to me:
to my needs and wants, my hopes and fears,
my worries, my desires and my dreams...

No matter how large or small
my complaint might be,
how major or minor my hurt;
no matter how often I come in distress
with the same tears spilling
from the same broken heart:
you never turn me away...

You always listen carefully, lovingly, attentively,
'til you've wiped every tear from my face
and given me strength to face a new day...

No matter how often I come for your mercy,
no matter how often I ask for your pardon,
no matter how often my sins are the same:
you listen and hear my plea for forgiveness,
you unburden my heart of its guilt and its shame...

And then there are times when I want to pray
but can't find the words, not even the tears,
to tell you what my heart would speak
- and especially then do you listen and know
the prayer that rises up wordless,
from my heart to yours,
spoken and heard in the silence we share...

And when for some reason my heart goes silent,
when I give up on prayer (or even on you),
when my faith is fading and prayer's forgotten:
even then you listen, you strain to listen
for the smallest sound my heart might make,
the first few groans of prayer's return...

I'm grateful, Lord,
for how faithfully you listen to all of my prayer:
before a word is on my lips you know it
and long before I speak
you know everything I need...

Hear my prayer this morning
and all through this day
and listen for the prayer
my dreams lift up to you
in the silence of my sleep...

Hear my prayer today, Lord,
and in your mercy
answer me...


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