Monday Morning Offering: OCTOBER 7

Image: George Mendoza

Good morning, good God!

How amazing the human heart, Lord!
It doesn't take up too much room
but oh, what it can hold!

My heart keeps the breadth and depth
of all the love I've known 
and all the love I've shared
and all the harm I've done...

My heart holds the gift of faith,
the grace that makes me one with you
and makes for you a home
within my soul...

My heart knows the stories of my life,
the ones I know so well 
and the ones I've long forgotten...

My heart holds the stories others share with me,
safe-kept for me to carry, easing others' burdens,
lifting up what weighs them down:
what's heavy on my neighbor's heart
rests lighter on my own...

My heart stores secrets told in trust, with confidence
that I will reverence what's been shared
and gently hold and guard the whispered words
entrusted to my care...

My heart fills up with others' sorrows and their tears,
their fears, their worries and concerns:
my heart welcomes in the troubles
others bring and leave at my soul's door...

My heart floods with rivers wept by those
whose pain has crested, overflowing
banks of hurt and loss, pouring forth 
the truth tears freely spill without a trace
of fear or shame...

And my heart swells in making room for joy
that others share: the visit of their blessings
and their laughter's echoes in my soul,
ringing out your grace, anointing me with peace...

If my heart holds all this, Lord, 
then what must your heart carry
in its many chambers,
in all the rooms you've readied 
for our hearts to find a home in you...

If my heart holds such treasures, Lord,
then I can’t imagine all the mercy and the love
that waits for us within the pulsing of your sacred heart,
expanding in eternity to be the home
for every restless soul...

I offer you this morning, Lord,
all those who have a place within my heart
and those who make a place for me in theirs
that we might all be one in you,
in the very heart of love...


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