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Over at USCCBLOG, Sr. Mary Ann Walsh has a great post: The Parish Field Hospital.
Pope Francis is the master of metaphor. One of his best: the church is a field hospital. All of us have to surround the hurting with care, but the parish priest has a formal role of general practitioner. He heals hurts, salves spiritual wounds and suggests healthy living.

I asked some priests to explain their role and learned that the priest deals mostly with spiritual and emotional pain. He knows theology, but most issues he confronts center on human and spiritual relationships. Here are their responses...
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For the record, I'm not one of the priests who provided material for this post but I know it offers a very accurate description of the ministry of most pastors.  If you wonder what parish priests do, this piece will help answer that question for you.

Reflecting on Sr. Walsh's post I think of how deeply and accurately Francis understands (as a priest, a bishop, a cardinal and now as pope) what brings priest and people together in the field hospital we all know as our local parish.


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