Pause for Prayer: FRIDAY 10/11

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The mercy of God is inexhaustible:
   freely offered and readily given
      to all who need it, to any who ask for it...

I know this to be true in my own life
   and I'm grateful for God's pardon of my failings...

But who waits for my mercy, Lord?
Who waits to be pardoned by me?
Who waits for me to forgive?

Is it someone at home?  at work?  at school?
Is it a neighbor or someone far away?
Is it someone I don't want to forgive?
Someone I've refuse to forgive?
Someone I've judged to be undeserving of my mercy?
Is it someone who has died?

Whoever it might be,
   even someone I can't connect with right now:
let this be a day when I forgive others, Lord,
   as freely as you've forgiven me...



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